Repeat Visitors to Your Site

Contact Form:

Never, ever put your email address on your website. One acupuncturist did this. Big mistake! It was harvested by spam-bots and she had three screens of spam within a week. We provide a contact form to let people easily contact you, while keeping your email protected.


A newsletter will help you:

  • Keep top-of-mind awareness with patients so when they think of health care, they think of you.
  • Educate patients so they know what you can treat (Which is almost always more than they realized)
  • Remind people who keep forgetting to make an appointment.
  • Build trust through ongoing exposure.


It’s essentially an automated followup series of emails. You basically set up a sequence of emails to be sent once a week or once every two weeks, educating people about your clinic and what you can do for them. Instead of dumping everything on them at once, you give them a little bit to think about at a time.

Autoresponders can actually be more powerful than an email newsletter, especially because you can write them once and they’ll educate patients for years to come.

Random Testimonials:

One client told me:

“I also wanted to tell you about my testimonials which are really paying off on my website. People see that so many others liked you enough to write something, that counts for something. A number of new patients call and said they saw them and thought wow, this guy must be good. And they are all in the patients’ voices, so people can relate perhaps. Social proof really works!

Online appointment booking:

Many required the patient to jump through hoops. Others required the acupuncturist to jump through hoops. had the friendliest user interface, and required just three simple screens for a booking.

Other website clients use, which is designed for alternative practitioners.