Quick and Easy Site Set-Up

Your site set up in one day:

Most of the time, we have your site up and running within 8 hours.
On rare occasions, it takes longer than 24 hours. We’re able to do this because we created a program to automate creating your site. It takes information such as your clinic name, phone number, address, etc. and loads it into the site.

Prewritten pages:

We pre-write all the pages, such as FAQ, contact form, conditions treated, etc.
This allows your site to be ready within a day. You can use these pages as is, or as a starting point for your own site. The only pages that aren’t automatically created for you are your “About” page, the maps page (Takes 3-5 minutes), and the page with your office hours.

Easy Changes:

Our system allows you to change your site almost as easily as sending an email.
If you change your office hours or go on vacation, you need to be able to communicate this. Instead of waiting for your “web guy” to get back to you (and charge $$$), you can easily fix things yourself in 2 to 5 minutes. It really is that easy.

Unlimited number of pages

You can add as many pages, articles, blog posts, and testimonials as you want. The only real limit is on how to organize your site so people can find all of the information you give.

Unlimited number of photos

It’s easy to add photos. We have built in handling that allows you to upload photos right from your computer.

If you have an event or photo shoot, you can easily upload photos the same day.

Add Videos

It’s easy to add videos. Just paste the code for sharing, and you can have something like this:

Testing Out Acupuncture by Melinda Beck of the Wall Street Journal

Add PDF/Ebooks:

Putting Ebooks on your site is effortless.
While editing your page, simply click the media link and you’ll be prompted to upload a file. It will automatically be inserted on the page for you. Many website clients use Kevin Doherty’s Thriving In The Modern World ebook – he lets you have co-author credits.