Your website should reflect you, your clinic and your treatment philosophy. We make this easy. We offer many great designs and our service allows you to change your site easily and efficiently. Our system automatically takes care of those “behind the scenes” things that would normally be hard. The result is a website that works for you.

By the way, if there’s any feature you’d like for your website, but it’s not listed here, please contact us to check. Our system is amazingly flexible, and there’s a good chance that we do support that feature.

Your site ready in one day

Most web developers/services take up to 8 weeks to set up your website. We’ve streamlined things so you can have your website in one day, usually much less. about 3 hours is our average.

On rare occasions, it takes longer than 24 hours. We’re able to do this because we created a program to automate creating your site. It takes information such as your clinic name, phone number, address, etc. and loads it into the site, along with pages customized for your clinic.


Too many web designers take your money and run. Some do this before even setting up your site! Our service stands out. Read about Robin Green, L.Ac.’s experience (opens in a new window).

Video Tutorials

We provide support through easy to follow video tutorials – it’s like us sitting next to you and explaining things on your computer. Actually being able to see how things are done makes it more than 10x easier than reading about it. It’s a lot faster too. The majority of our tutorials are under 3 minutes long.

If you have a question that’s not answered we’ll often create a video just for you.

Upgrades, Maintenance and Hosting

We upgrade, maintain and back up your site behind the scenes so that you never have to worry about it. We also provide the hosting. Many designers will give you a site, but leave it to you to maintain the hosting.

Prewritten pages

We pre-write all the pages, such as FAQ, contact form, conditions treated, etc. This allows your site to be ready within a day. You can use these pages as is, or as a starting point for your own site. The only pages that aren’t automatically created for you are your “About” page, the maps page (Takes 3-5 minutes), and the page with your office hours.

Unlimited number of pages

You can add as many pages, articles, blog posts, and testimonials as you want. The only real limit is on how to organize your site so people can find all of the information you give.

Random Testimonials

One client told me:
“I also wanted to tell you about my testimonials which are really paying off on my website. People see that so many others liked you enough to write something, that counts for something. A number of new patients call and said they saw them and thought wow, this guy must be good. And they are all in the patients’ voices, so people can relate perhaps. Social proof really works!”

Online Appointment Booking

Many required the patient to jump through hoops. Others required the acupuncturist to jump through hoops. Genbook.com had the friendliest user interface, and required just three simple screens for a booking. It also asks patients for testimonials, which many are glad to give. You can then use them with the random testimonials feature of your website.

Other website clients use myreceptionist.com, which is designed for alternative practitioners.

Unlimited number of photos

It’s easy to add photos. We have built in handling that allows you to upload photos right from your computer.

If you have an event or photo shoot, you can easily upload photos the same day.

Add Videos

It’s easy to add videos. Just paste the code for sharing, and you can have something like this:

Testing Out Acupuncture by Melinda Beck of the Wall Street Journal

Search Engine Optimization

Most people find websites using the search engines. Ranking high in the search engine results is like free advertising.

Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO, is ignored by most web services. At most, they’ll help with “on-page” SEO. On-page SEO is putting information on the site so that the search engines can figure out your site is relevant and important for the search.

On-page SEO is built into your site. We also take care of creating and submitting your sitemap to the search engines.

Off-page SEO is actually slightly more important. Off-page SEO is basically getting links from other sites back to your website. We provide a complete list for where to register your website for links, and directories to be listed at so people can find you*. The more links you have, the higher your site will rank in the search engines. The higher you rank, the more people will visit your website.

And most importantly, the more people that visit your website, the more people will become your patients.

*Most of the sites on this list are free to use, but there are companies that charge $650 for what we’ll help you do for free. Don’t be ripped off!

Email Address

If your email address doesn’t look professional, it’s not only less likely to be taken seriously; it’s also more likely to make people think your email is spam.

We’ll not only set you up with a new, professional email, we’ll also set up a forwarder to your regular email address. This way you’ll always know when a patient is contacting you without having to check multiple email accounts.

Easy Changes

Our system allows you to change your site almost as easily as sending an email.

If you change your office hours or go on vacation, you need to be able to communicate this. Instead of waiting for your “web guy” to get back to you (and charge $$$), you can easily fix things yourself in 2 to 5 minutes. It really is that easy.

Most web developers charge $25 minimum for the smallest change, and your web page change takes much lower priority than the fancy new website they’re developing. A lot of our clients come to us after they have problems getting their web developer on the phone. If you have problems, we don’t leave you hanging – we’re always around to help.

Contact Form

Never, ever put your email address on your website. One acupuncturist did this. Big mistake! It was harvested by spam-bots and she had three screens of spam within a week. We provide a contact form to let people easily contact you, while keeping your email protected.

We worry about these little things so you don’t need to.

SMS of new email messages

Maybe you don’t check email often. Or you want to be extra responsive. Having your email copied to your cell phone will make it easy to keep in touch with your clients.

Domain Name

Many places charge for this; we reserve it for you for free. We’ll even help you pick a domain name that makes your site easy to find.


If you have an image or photo, we’ll turn it into a favorites icon, or favicon, for you – a little image that shows up next to your web address and in people’s bookmarks. This will help your site stand out.


A newsletter will help you:

  • Keep top-of-mind awareness with patients so when they think of health care, they think of you.
  • Educate patients so they know what you can treat (Which is almost always more than they realized)
  • Remind people who keep forgetting to make an appointment.
  • Build trust through ongoing exposure.

We’ll set you up with a free newsletter service from MailChimp upon request.


It’s essentially an automated followup series of emails. You basically set up a sequence of emails to be sent once a week or once every two weeks, educating people about your clinic and what you can do for them. Instead of dumping everything on them at once, you give them a little bit to think about at a time.

Autoresponders can actually be more powerful than an email newsletter, especially because you can write them once and they’ll educate patients for years to come.

Add PDF/Ebooks

Putting Ebooks on your site is effortless.

While editing your page, simply click the media link and you’ll be prompted to upload a file. It will automatically be inserted on the page for you. Many website clients use Kevin Doherty’s Thriving In The Modern World ebook – he lets you have co-author credits.