Effortless Maintenance

SMS of new email messages:

Maybe you don’t check email often. Or you want to be extra responsive. Having your email copied to your cell phone will make it easy to keep in touch with your clients.


Too many web designers take your money and run. Some do this before even setting up your site!  Our service stands out. Read about Robin Green, L.Ac.’s experience (opens in a new window).

Video Tutorials

We provide support through easy to follow video tutorials – it’s like us sitting next to you and explaining things on your computer. Actually being able to see how things are done makes it more than 10x easier than reading about it. It’s a lot faster too. The majority of our tutorials are under 3 minutes long.

If you have a question that’s not answered we’ll often create a video just for you.

Upgrades, Maintenance and Hosting:

We upgrade, maintain and back up your site behind the scenes so that you never have to worry about it. We also provide the hosting. Many designers will give you a site, but leave it to you to find your own hosting.