Websites are a great way to get new patients. A good website will give you a professional image, while paying for itself through the patients it brings in. However, even when healers have a site, one or more essential elements are missing.

Getting Patients

It’s not enough to just have web pages on a website. A website that attracts patients is:

  • Well designed.
  • Is optimized so the search engines (like Google) put your site in their system.
  • Is coded properly so the search engines put the proper description of your site in the search results. (You can specify the exact two lines that show up in Google results!)
  • Is in various directories so that patients searching for a practitioner can find you
  • Is up to date (and is easy to keep up to date).
  • Is well written. A website should be about the patients and how you’ll help them, instead of meridians, chi, and energy, which most patients don’t understand.

Great Prices

There simply aren’t any services that take care of all of the above at a reasonable price. Most services that take care of the above (or most of it) are expensive. Just two days ago, I was asked about a website design service that costs $6,000. Even once the site is designed, you still have to pay for hosting!

That’s why I’ve set up Acupuncture Clinic Websites – a complete system for healers to set up a web presence. It’s a simple system – simple enough for you to update your website how you want it. As far as I know, this is the best system there is. It creates a beautiful site, with all the options you could want. At the same time, it gives you complete control over it.

A Complete Site In Just ONE Day

Not only that, but we’ve put together a complete template with the information patients need from you. This includes:

  1. A main page that’s actually more about the patient than about you. Most practitioners make the mistake of talking all about their healing modality, instead of immediately reaching patients and reassuring them about what they really want to know. That you can help.
  2. A comprehensive listing of conditions treated, broken down into readable groups. Tell people everything you can do – without overwhelming them.
  3. A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that’s reassuring yet to the point. (Includes a good answer to the dreaded needles question.)
  4. An explanation of what to expect. Patients appreciate knowing what they’re getting into – fear of the unknown loses patients.
  5. Contact pages that help the patient find you – including directions from Google maps.
  6. A site map that serves two purposes. It helps patients find information, but also Google and other search engines index your site. This way when people search for you, they find you.
  7. An optional about page – all about you. Patients want to know you before they ever meet you. We include an outline you can follow of what to write.

Your complete site can be up and running within 24 hours.

You can review the questions you should ask about any website system you use. Also, view our portfolio to see some example website designs. Most of the time, one of our designs will work great for you. If you want a custom design, one can be created for you very inexpensively, usually for $650 or less.

If you’d like to try our service, you can sign up here. It’s just $30 a month. No catches. No hidden charges. And, if we don’t keep you 100% satisfied, you’re not stuck. We will happily transfer your domain name to you so you can move your website elsewhere.