All of our designs let you upload your own photos. However, photographic designs let you upload your own images as part of the design.

Adding your own pictures to photographic designs can be done in less than 2 minutes. It’s easy – we promise.


Pictorial is a classic design with very clear text. You can easily add your own pictures or logo to the header. These images will randomly on each page.

Or you can just add one image – if it’s beautiful, that’s all you need.


Concept is a chameleon.  It allows color changing to fit your colors.

It also allows you to easily add your own photos or even a logo.


Showcase is a feature-packed design especially suitable for larger clinics with more than one treatment modality or clinician. It has a featured section to catch people’s interests and automatic sizing/cropping of graphics.

It also has a grouping of 5 different topics, which could be:

  • Treatment modalities
  • Clinicians
  • Conditions treated,
  • Locations

or any combination of the above.


Bright is a clean, classic design.

With Bright, you can upload your own photos or stock art.  It takes just a minute using our system, and that includes cropping to fit. Upload as many as you want – the images will appear randomly on every page load.

Ayla’s Design

Ayla Yavin is based in Manhattan / New York City. She came to me because she wasn’t able to get her current website updated.

I thought the design was beautiful and converted it to our system.  It’s much more flexible, and preserves the beautiful use of fonts.  You can now have different header images per page.

Ayla’s design is available by request only.  No one within the New York Tri-State area is allowed to use this design.  If you’re elsewhere in the country, you may be in luck.


Other types of designs: