These are some of our most popular designs.


Jasmine is a beautiful, relaxed design with some great customization options. Like most photographic designs, you can add your own image to the header. But there are also four smaller pictures which are also easy to customize.

The middle text changes every few seconds. It is customizable – we recommend adding the services you provide, conditions you treat, or short testimonials.

Jasmine is available in Sand (as shown), Blue, Green and Lavender.


Wispy is one of a kind.

Just like your clinic.


Pictorial is a classic design with very clear text. You can easily add your own pictures or logo to the header. These images will randomly on each page.

Or you can just add one image – if it’s beautiful, that’s all you need.

Chinese Zodiac

The 生肖 / Sheng Xiao / Chinese Zodiac has an appeal all it’s own.


Bamboo comes in blue or green, with two or three columns.

Improvements are coming to allow use of fonts that look like calligraphy.

Ayla’s Design

Ayla Yavin is based in Manhattan / New York City. She came to me because she wasn’t able to get her current website updated.

I thought the design was beautiful and converted it to our system.  It’s much more flexible, and preserves the beautiful use of fonts.  You can now have different header images per page.

Ayla’s design is available by request only.  No one within the New York Tri-State area is allowed to use this design.  If you’re elsewhere in the country, you may be in luck.


Other types of designs: